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WSOP events at ceasars
  Gsr_01_integ, Feb 25 2013

WSOP events at ceasar Ill be there from the 8th til the end of the series just wondering if any LPers will be out for the events and wanna do anything. PM me or something and we can meet up and party

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AC in march
  Gsr_01_integ, Jan 09 2013

Hey just wondering if anyone will b out in AC for the wsop events and wanted to meet up and party

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merge sucks where else to play
  Gsr_01_integ, Oct 30 2011

Merge is gettin way to old...theres never more than 10k ppl on at max times the mtts sucks and never really have a good prize pool and it seems like all you do is run way under EV and every hand is set up just for action...the rb is nice but sucks when u get like 0 points everyday towards the 100 seats to 100k...where else can i go and play thats not so rigged?

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